Research Sector
  • “Energy of China” is the only comprehensive monthly magazine in China’s energy field. It is distributed throughout China, sponsored by the Energy Research Institute of National Development and Reform Commission of China.
     Since its launch in 1978, “Energy of China” is aimed at dissemination of different principles, policies and law & regulations relevant to the energy field, paying more attentions to energy hot topics, reporting the latest research achievements, discussing the reform of state-owned enterprises and experience of the listed companies, and disseminating the new energy technologies and products as well as the information of energy market.
    “Energy of China” is characterized by its useful, coverage of large areas for its dissemination and a huge quantity of science information. The Publishing House engages many experts of high level and achievement in China as the magazine consultant. It provides the services to energy industrial enterprises, institutes as well as joint venture and township enterprises. It also has numerous readers at home and abroad.
    “Energy of China”is core magazine of science and technology in China. All contents of this magazine are covered by Website of China Journal Network (CJN) and China Science Journal Network (CSJN), and China Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluate Database (CAJCED) also takes it as one of its source periodicals. Meanwhile, the whole contents of this publication have been put onto the Website of “Wan-Fang Data”, which is China Digital Journal Network (CDJN) , includes its contents as well.

    Energy of China Publishing House,
    Energy Research Institute, National Development and Reform Commission,
    Room 1718, B Guohong Building,
    No.11 Muxidibeilijia, Xicheng District,
    Beijing 100038, People's Republic of China.
    Tel:(8610)63908433, Fax:(8610)63908477,

  • Luying Dong副研究员
     《中国能源》杂志社副总编辑1982年1月毕业于山东矿业学院电气工程专业,1993年2月-5月 在美国能源部IBL实验室进行最小成本分析及能源需求端管理培训3个月; 1996年6月在巴黎世界能源组织进行为期1个月的能源统计与分析方法培训,1994年3月被评为副研究员。曾经从事能源经济、能源系统分析及环境研究工作;自1996年开始从事太阳能光伏发电及风光互补发电系统设计、市场开发、政策研究工作;近年开始从事可再生能源政策研究,负责中丹风能发展项目的管理工作。曾经参加世行项目、亚行项目、UNDP项目、REEEP及中意项目等项目的有关可再生能源政策、规划、标准制定等课题的研究工作和组织工作,参加《中国风电发展报告2008》等报告的编著工作。