Research Sector

Entrusted by NDRC, CRED has been taking the responsibilities in assistance with international project management, which includes China Renewable Energy Scale-up Program (CRESP), the Renewable Energy Development Program (REDP), and the Capacity Building for the Rapid Commercialization of Renewable Energy in China. Project Management for Clean Development Mechanism, and Expansion and Improvement of Solar Water Heating Technology in China and so on.


The Planning will clearly define the goals of China RE development by 2020 and provide directions for RE industry growth.

This study focuses on the strategic issues for renewable energy development in China. These include essentiality of RE development in China, the RE status and potential targets in the future energy supply and consumption, conditions and advantages, and roadmap and measures for RE development and utilization in China. The study also provides suggestions on policies and administrative measures.

CRED has formulated the RE Overall Target System Administration Regulations, the RE Pricing Administration Measures, the Administration Regulations for Renewable Energy Development Special Fund, and the Guideline Catalog for Renewable Energy Industry Development. These supporting regulations provide enabling conditions for implementing the RE Law in China.

The China Renewable Energy Law (the RE Law) was passed on the 14th session of the Tenth National People’s Congress on Feb 28, 2005. The enactment of the RE Law will provide a powerful legislative support in encouraging investment in renewable energy, increasing renewable energy contribution in the entire energy total consumption, improving China’s energy portfolio, mitigating the environmental pollution due to fossil fuel combustion, and finally ensuring a sustained economic development in the country.