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Deputy Director Wang Zhongying Gave a Keynote Speech on 2nd BRICS Energy Ministerial Meeting

The BRICS energy ministers, government officials from BRICS energy departments and experts on energy met in Beijing on 7th June 2017. Nuer·Baikeli, the deputy chairman of National Development and Reform Commission, the director of National Energy Administration chaired and addressed in the meeting. Nuer·Baikeli said our government established a philosophy of innovative, coordinated, green, and shared development; meanwhile advanced the revolution of energy production and consumption, transformed energy development model and optimized energy structure. As the developing country, China is willing to cooperate with the BRICS and other countries on energy, and share best practice experiences and develop together.

Representatives discussed topics on energy security, energy transformation and energy research cooperation among the BRICS. Deputy director Wang Zhongying from Energy Research Institute did the keynote speech, namely The Consideration on China Energy Security and Transformation. Deputy Director Wang mentioned in his speech the safety of several types of energy is highlighted under current global circumstance of energy policy and finance attribute. Energy green and low carbon transformation is the core part of energy security. Guided by the promotion of energy production and consumption strategies, China started from the controlling and reducing of coal consumption, and the renewable energy developed rapidly, therefore; the transformation of energy structure has been the main source of energy development. Meanwhile; the promotion of energy revolution and acceleration of energy transformation have brought plenty of opportunities, including the injection of new vitality into traditional energy market, the expansion of new energy market, more opportunities for energy related market, so as to advance the world economy sustainability and shared development.

It is a significant summit of the BRICS for energy collaboration, and an important activity before the 9th BRICS Summit. The Declaration of 2nd BRICS Energy Ministerial Meeting was delivered and would be submitted to the 9th BRICS Summit.