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Deputy Director General Zhang Led a Team to Study Clean Heating Project in Hebei Province

       On Mar. 10th, deputy director general Zhang Yousheng, deputy director Bai Quan from Energy Efficiency Center, associate professor Zhang Jianguo, Liu Jingru and Gu Lijing as well as Dr. Pei Qingbing went to Hebei Province to study clean heating projects. The research team inspected geothermal heating and hot-melt salt heat storage heating projects in Xinji; clean coal heating project in Quyang county; methanol heating, sewage source pump heating, carbon fiber heating, air source pump heating, electric heating and solar heating in Shi Jiazhuang. Deputy director general Zhang introduced the background and purpose of this survey to relevant industry associations. Meanwhile, the research team exchanged views on heating situation, the promotion obstacles of clean heating, technical parameters in clean heating projects, the operation effects and costs in Hebei Province with them. This study visit is helpful for researchers in ERI to deeply understand the development of clean heating technology and problems encountered in the process of implementation, which provided more support for relevant policy making.