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About ERI
The Energy Research Institute (hereafter, ERI) of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) was established in 1980. It is a national research organization conducting comprehensive studies on China’s energy issues. Since its establishment, it has been affiliated with the former State Commission and the former State Economy Commission. Throughout, it was guided by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in many aspects of its research work. In 1988, ERI was put under the administration of the now former State Planning Commission. Further reforms in 2003 made ERI part of the National Development and Reform Commission. The ERI is also one of 7 research institutes administrated by the Academy of Macro-economic Research (AMR) of the NDRC.
ERI employs 100 staff, with one director-general and three deputy directors. Apart from this, there are 33 senior research posts. ERI is divided into 6 research centers with 3 function divisions and offices. They are:
l        Center for Energy Economy and Development Strategy Research
l        Energy Efficiency Center
l        Center for Renewable Energy Development
l        Center for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Research
l        Center for Clean Development Mechanism project management
l        Center for Energy Systerm Analysis and Market Analysis
l        Center for Energy Conservation Information Dissemination
l        Administration Office
l        Research Management and International Collaboration Division
Additionally, ERI is responsible for editing and publishing “Energy of China” in its offices and owns Beijing Jike New Energy Technology Company.
ERI uses a director-general responsibility system under collective leadership. The director-general and deputy director-general of ERI are directly appointed by the NDRC and the institute uses a competitive method to select staff to fill leadership positions in each of the centers, divisions and offices noted above. Senior research titles are also appointed through competitive openings. Of the 33 senior researchers at ERI, 9 are research professors. In addition, there are more than ten research staffs who have been qualified as senior researchers. Over 80 percent of the staff at ERI conduct research.